Clinical Track - RC17 - Touchstone; Premium Modules; A/R

Another quarterly release! Chock full of new features!

Touchstone Tests

We continue our implementation of the FHIR spec by migrating the clinical:hl7-resource packages to use Mocha tests, upgrading to STU3, and by adding another layer of testing via the AEGIS Touchstone test harness (an emerging contender for regulatory credentialing of interoperability requirements stated in the Medicare Access and CHIP Reauthorization Act of 2015). This includes the Meteor ecosystem in a small group of about two dozen EMR/EHR vendors who are working on interoperability, including Cerner, Epic, AllScripts, and McKesson.

Reference Implementation(s)
We’ve also now fully migrated to React, and merged most all of the reference implementations into the Meteor on FHIR Interface Engine, including Checklists, Patient Directory, Medication Inventory, etc. Future work with Clinical Meteor should start with the FHIR Interface Engine, since it provides a platform for interoperability with the major EMR vendors like Cerner, Epic, and AllScripts.

Premium Module - Genomics
We’re excited to anounce to announce the Genomics module, which includes large file imports, alignment tools, sequence analysis, ideogram visualization, and other tools necessary for genomics data pipelines. Below is an example of an Autism Screening Panel that we’ve recently completed. Contact me at for more information on licensing.

Premium Module - Clinical Decision Support
We also have a Clinical Decision Support module, which includes pick-lists, order sets, notification menus, alerts, sensitivity/specificity analysis, decision trees, and more for creating clinical workflow. Contact me at for more information on licensing.

Augmented Reality Render Test

We put together an Augmented Reality Render Test to showcase some of the capabilities of React and Clinical Meteor and medical illustration all working together.

Software Development Kit
Download the entire Clinical Meteor Software Development Kit, including examples, utilities, design documents, and other resources.

git clone --recursive ClinicalMeteor

Packages Confirmed to Work Together
Each release, we publish a list of packages that are known to work together. As we migrate to NPM, we now have two supported package lists that we are keeping under QA. Use these two files as a baseline for which packages to use.

Atmosphere Package Reference
NPM Package Reference

Although not necessary to use the individual packages or FHIR resources, you can synchronize an app to the baselined dependency versions by running your app with the --release flag.

meteor --release clinical:METEOR@1.4.2-rc17

Fast Healthcare Interoperability Resources
Meteor support for the HL7 FHIR spec can now be included in a project by adding the clinical:hl7-fhir-resources package.

meteor add clinical:hl7-fhir-resources

For individual FHIR resources, use the search command or Atmosphere.

meteor search clinical:hl7-resource
meteor add clinical:hl7-resource-patient  // to add the Patient resource

New Prototypes
We are always happy to include full-stack node/meteor prototypes to the SDK; and this quarter we include a Nutrition tracking tool, a Decision Tree tool, and GraphQL support for FHIR.

My Nutrition

Pending On Roadmap

  • Ethereum Blockchain Audit Log
  • Cerner FHIR Resources
  • Open mHealth Schemas
  • Node/Python bindings

Validation/Verification Tests
490 validation tests on Meteor on FHIR Interface Engine
130 verification tests across 36 distro packages
118 verification tests across 40 FHIR packages