Clinical Track - RC8 - With FDA Testing Infrastructure 21CFR820.75

Hi there,
Excited to announce another release of the Clinical Meteor track. This release introduces an upgraded QA testing infrastructure that meets FDA guidelines, as per federal regulation 21CFR820.75. The StarryNight utility now includes Gagarin for FDA Verification tests, and Nightwatch for FDA Validation tests.

meteor --release clinical:METEOR@1.1.3-rc8

Clinical Meteor API

Validation/Verfication Tests
1875 validation tests across 2 reference apps
89 verification tests across 12 distro packages

Reference Implementation(s)
California Kids Cancer Comparison
Hello Healthcare

Reference Implementation(s) Source Code

Removed Packages

  • clinical:overlays

Pending On Roadmap

  • clinical:mobile
  • clinical:offline
  • clinical:themes
  • clinical-checklists reference implementation
  • healthlog reference implementation

Release Manifest

New Architecture Documents

FDA Testing Infrastructure - StarryNight/Nightwatch/Gagarin

Collections & Models Architecture for Card UI


Very impressive! Great work!