Clinical Track - RC9 - Checklist Manifesto Prerelease

Hello again,
Clinical Meteor is off to a great start for 2016, and we’re excited to announce the pre-release version of the Checklist Manifesto demo app… a HIPAA, FDA, and HL7 compliant version of the Todos app.

Q: What makes a Todo app HIPAA compliant?
Implementation of a Multiactor pattern, with user accounts, SSL certificates, and audit logs. This turns a Todo list into a Workqueue.

Q: What makes a Todo app FDA ready?
Inclusion of Validation tests and Verification tests. Effectively, this means there have to be at least two different testing methodologies. Checklist Manifesto is provided with a suite of Validation tests; and the Clinical Meteor Track is running green across all the Verification tests.

Q: What makes a Todo app HL7 compliant?
By implementing objects and schemas that conform to the HL7 FHIR resource specs. In this case, we have implemented the DiagnosticOrder resource type, meaning that Checklist Manifesto should be able to accept and display any DiagnosticOrders provided by an external EMR system.

This is a pre-release version, so there are still some rough edges. But we have the HIPAA, FDA, and HL7 strategies in place now, so it’s only a matter of time as we refine things and get things ready for production.

meteor --release clinical:METEOR@1.1.3-rc9

Clinical Meteor API

Validation/Verfication Tests
245 validation tests on ChecklistManifesto
1875 validation tests on CKCC
83 verification tests across 25 distro packages

Reference Implementation(s)
Checklist Manifesto
California Kids Cancer Comparison
Hello Healthcare

Reference Implementation(s) Source Code

Pending On Roadmap

  • clinical:mobile
  • clinical:offline
  • clinical:active-user
  • clinical:user-profile
  • healthlog reference implementation

Release Manifest

New Architecture Documents
To be uploaded in the next few days.