[CLOSED] FlowRouter Groups and BlazeLayout rendering issue?

So, I’m working on a project and I’m running into a strange issue…

I’m using FlowRouter and BlazeLayout for my app, and I’ve created two groups, which handle the prefixes /events and /account. I’m having no issues with the /account-handling group, but when it comes to the /events-handling one, it doesn’t seem to want to render any content in the main part of my layout template.

The following Gist contains all relevant code. I’ve included my full router file, the full template file that’s not rendering, and the JS file containing helpers/etc related to the non-rendering template. I’ve also included the layout template.

Also attached is a screenshot (link) of what’s going on. I appreciate any help. I don’t understand what would cause the navigation to render, but not the main content of the page. That’s what’s confusing me the most.

Gist (files in question)
Screenshot of issue

As it turns out, the problem was my ordering of routes. I needed to have the route for /:_id -after- the /create route.

Let this be a lesson to everyone, ordering of routes is quite important!