[closed] How to wait until ``Meteor.users`` is available on HOT page reload?


Hi guys,

is there a way to wait until a collection is available until running the next line of code? Right now I am struggeling with Meteor.users not being available.

This is an easy code-example that shows how Meteor.users is NOT available. BUT when clicking the button it is available…

if (Meteor.isClient) {
  // Those lines have problems finding Meteor.users and Meteor.user()!
  console.log('AFTER A HOT PAGE RELOAD Meteor.user does IS NOT availabl');
  console.log(Meteor.user());  // NOT available: HOW do I wait with this call, UNTIL Meteor.users Collection is available?
  console.log(Meteor.users.find().count());  // shows 0, although there are users

    'click button': function () {
      // everything works fine when pressing the button

Any suggestions? :smiley:


this discussion should help you


What do you want to do with this data ?
With reactive programming in Meteor, everything start with a data change and ends with an output/display.


I am using this with Flow-Router to secure an url. When the user does NOT have the right he is directed to home.

It works fine, but not on a page refresh…

doesCurrentUserHavePermission = function(permission) {
  // this give me problems: on a page-refresh Meteor.user() returns undefined
  // although the user is actually logged in and has the permission
  var currentUser = Meteor.users.findOne({ _id: Meteor.userId() });
  if (Roles.userIsInRole(currentUser, [permission]) ) {
    return true;
  return false;

  triggersEnter: [
    function(context, redirect) {
      if (!doesCurrentUserHavePermission('permission')) {


I’m not familial with flow router, but the problem here is that the user data is not available yet when you make your request.


Yeah you are totally right.

So basically we have not solved the original question, but I’ll close this topic as we solved my attached real useCase.

In Flow-Router is seems to be a bad idea to do auth-stuff on router-level, see here https://kadira.io/academy/meteor-routing-guide/content/implementing-auth-logic-and-permissions.

I got misslead by this howto here (https://medium.com/@satyavh/using-flow-router-for-authentication-ba7bb2644f42) - so be warned: don’t follow it and follow official FlowRouter tutorial instead. :slight_smile: I guess that template-level authorisation is the way to go!