Closed: Spacebar if statements not updating


When i built my site I used iCheckbox for the checkboxes. Anyway I am currently using this as the helper:

    ichecktest: function() {
      $('input').on('ifChecked', function(event){
        return true;
      $('input[name="tls"]').on('ifUnchecked', function(event){
        return false;

When i place Console.logs in those jquery functions I get the proper returns of true and false as I check and uncheck however for some reason its not updating in the spacebars i have in the html.

{{#if ichecktest}}
  {{> afQuickField name='tlsnum'}}
  {{> afQuickField name='tlssame'}}
      {{> afQuickField name='tlssamegoalie'}}
  <p>False goes here</p>

Any thoughts to why it won’t stop outputting false?

Update: I figure out a good workaround that should be fine.