[CLosed]Trouble while adding npm package to Meteor-react application at AWS

Hi All,

I am using react-html-table-to-excel NPM package for exporting html table into xls format. I am able to do it smoothly at local machine. But on server even though I have added react-html-table-to-excel NPM package and also it is showing up in /node_modules directory. While running command mup deploy it is showing error for considering to add react-html-table-to-excel NPM package. I have gave write and read full access to node_modules directory still the error persist. What to do?

Unable to resolve some modules:

  "react-html-table-to-excel" in

If you notice problems related to these missing modules, consider running:

  meteor npm install --save react-html-table-to-excel

Thanks in advance!

My bad. My mup.js setup was pointing to another project.