Cloud9 adds official Meteor support!

For those that don’t know what Cloud9 is, it’s a web-based IDE. It allows you to work on code wherever you are (with an internet connection) and on practically any device! It also has great support for multi-user collaboration and saved project workspace state, so you can continue right from where you left off.

A snippet of their latest blog-post:

As of today, working with Meteor and Cloud9 just got a whole lot easier. With the new Meteor workspace, you can set up a Meteor project without having to configure anything. You can simply create a new Cloud9 project and pick Meteor as your workspace type. Just two clicks to build your next awesome app.

For the full article, see their most recent blog post here:


Isn’t compatible with mongo license, thus support is rescinded.

Thanks so much for informing. I guess the clarification made directly by a member of the Cloud9 team at AWS Cloud9 Amazon Web Services is currently the only source regarding that subject.