CloudFront distribution as CDN with Meteor Galaxy



We are trying to use CloudFront distribution as the CDN for our application with Meteor 1.7 & AngularJS 1.6.x, We have configured everything and all the build files (bundle) is getting cached to CloudFront distribution from Galaxy server.

The problem is there are 2 main javascript bundle files cached to CloudFront distribution in which one javascript file is having html code init and that file is loading the 2nd javascript file this is the main javascript file which is having our application code,

because when we try to load the 2nd javascript file in the browser we could see the application landing page through the CloudFront distribution URL.

we are using METEOR - 1.7, ANGULARJS - 1.6.7, angular-compilers@0.3.2, “@babel/runtime”: “7.0.0-beta.55” packages.

here is the build & deploy command:

  • METEOR_SESSION_FILE=deployment_token.json meteor deploy $METEOR_TARGET1 --settings settings.json

deployement_token.json has the login token to our galaxy account

$METEOR_TARGET1 is our domain name configured in the galaxy

settings.json has the ROOT_URL, MONGO_URL & REDIS_OPLOG_URL

So, can any one help us how we can trace the problem whether there is something wrong in the build process or is it something related to compilers?