CMS for Meteor.js

Hi, I’m new to Meteor and started an open-source project named as autoCms. This small package is fully integrated with autoForm and the aim of the package is to create a platform which helps you to build your applications or admin panel only with JSON files.

You can see the package in here

I coded an example blog site which is totally separated from front-end. You can sign-in
( | password ) to check it on

After sign-in visit these pages;

I’m waiting to here your thoughts and feedbacks. Thanks.

This is awesome that many people works on many different type of projects based on Meteor, but I always wonder if Meteor is a good platform for content management stuff, I mean blogs, info websites etc. Don’t get me wrong, I like what you are doing, I just wonder if this is a good platform for the job. Maybe with SSR it could be better. I wonder what community thinks of this.

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great stuff, i am new to the whole meteor/javascript ecosystem, but i was thinking of doing a cms as well to learn as that what i develop as my job using LAMP.

i think for microsites it would be awesome. I am looking at using meteor to make a better backend for wordpress using their REST-api

will def be following

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thanks for ur reply @juliancwirko blog is just an example. I’m totally agree with you we don’t need the features of Meteor in a blog but as you know it’s an important part of internet community. Also autoCms is not only designed to manage blog contents but also designed to build an application for other situations.

Besides that Wordpress has filled a big gap and improve the PHP community even the code was not perfect. Separated projects can increase the usage of Meteor. Maybe, autoCms could be one of them.


Thank you @dallasgoldswain you can find my code any help will be great :wink:

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the issues are completely solved including refresh problem and new version released @juliencwirko @dallasgoldswain waiting for feedbacks. First post updated.

Thank you! Will try this out.

Imho it can be, as long as CMS doesn’t rely on publications and grabs the data through methods. Otherwise in any bigger app than blog, there would be a publication to keep track of publications to manage publications and 20 concurrent users would be all it can bear.

New features added you can see all of them on improved example

You can download the example from github

Feedback is welcome

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