Cocoapods Sync error (OSX Catalina)

I’m running into an error building our ios project

Status of the individual requirements:        
✓ Apple macOS                                 
✓ Xcode                                       
✗ CocoaPods: The CocoaPods repo has not been synced yet, this will take a long time (approximately 500MB as of Sept 2016). Please run `pod setup`
  first to sync the repo.

Running pod setup completes with a Setup Complete message

Important versions
Meteor: 1.6
OS: OSX 10.15.7 Catalina
xCode: 10.1

I’ve followed the directions for setting up the prereqs on

Any help is greatly appreciated!

sorted out this issue. There was a problem with CocoaPods version >1.8 not having the master repository in ~/.cocoapods/repos/master