Code 1 error updating meteor from to 1.0.4 (& up to


Hi all,

I have tried updating a Meteor app, which I am developing, from Meteor version to 1.0.4 (and also to 1.0.5) and when I run the updated version, I receive the error “Exited with code: 1”.

I have tried 2 things so far to find the problem:

  1. removed each package individually from my app to see which one could be causing the problem, and
  2. created a brand new app and included all packages that I am using in my app.

In the case of 1, not one of the packages had an effect on the code 1 error, I still receive the code 1 error in all cases.
In the case of 2, the brand new app had no error, even though it contains all of the same packages.

So I guess, there must be something in my own actual code that could be causing this issues, could that be right? Or are there some specific changes between Meteor version and 1.0.4 that could cause the code 1 error?

Many thanks!


I have a feeling that this could be an issue with the version of node or maybe even mongodb. Does anyone know which version of nodejs we should use with Meteor versions, and 1.0.5?




So, I have since updated to Meteor version 1.1, and am using node 0.10.36 and upgraded Mongodb to version 3.0.

I transferred all of my app over to a new blank app a bit at a time to try to spot when a problem occurred. I don’t receive the same code:1 error, and the app runs.

However, I do see an error when I try to access a route that uses a view that contains an autoform from the package “aldeed:autoform”. The error I receive is:

Error: AutoForm: Form type "myMethod" has not been defined

It appears that you can NOT now define a method through the type syntax, i.e. you cannot do this:

{{#autoForm schema=myFormSchema id="myForm" type="myMethod"}

Instead it must be written as follows:

{{#autoForm schema=myFormSchema id="myForm" type="method" meteormethod="myMethod"}

So apart from this error, which did not show up in my original app version, I am not sure if this is the reason I was receiving the code: 1 error.

Can anyone explain what a Code: 1 error is?

Many thanks,



I believe that after all, when upgrading Meteor, code 1 errors are more related to the testing suite, such as the affect of mike:mocha. After I upgraded again, but to Meteor, I received yet another Code 1 error. When I removed mocha and re-added it, the code 1 error no longer existed.