Code Cracked for Code-Splitting + SSR in Reactlandia: React Loadable + Webpack Flush Chunks and more

…long time, Meteor folks. If code-splitting + SSR has been a goal of yours, this will help.

Is this article relevant for Meteor users?

My bad. If React Loadable does, this does:

If you read the article there’s a component called “React Universal Component” which is the spiritual successor to React Loadable, doing what its creator hinted was its future (SSR).

It also can work in async-only scenarios, such as Meteor. I can’t quite tell if Meteor has SSR with its “exact code splitting” technique??? If so, than like React Loadable, it uniquely automatically renders synchronously when it can.

Yes - I’m just saying that your article seems to be specifically about how to achieve what you’re talking about with Webpack, whereas React Loadable is a standards-based solution based on dynamic import().

“Yes”? are you referring to SSR. Meteor now executes your dynamic imports synchronously on the server and first render on the client?

I think given how much you guys talked about React Loadable–you dont write blog posts about 3rd party tools every day–and given how much focus u guys have been putting into code splitting, it makes a whole lot of sense for your users to see how it’s evolving outside of Meteor. Not just when it’s suitable for the Meteor narrative. Besides I haven’t contributed much open source in a while and I was born in the Meteor world :). Figured I’d let people know what I was up to.

Ur saying when u run the meteor command these days–if ur using React–it outputs the result of renderToString when u ping the URL? I can’t find an SSR + code splitting tutorial anywhere on your site. You truly have it down to this level of automaticness? If you do, kudos.

We don’t, sorry. My “yes” was referring to “yes, I have read your article”.