Code editor of choice?


Has anyone tried Light Table?? I remember seeing it on Kickstarter a long time ago.
No one has mentioned it so I take it that it’s not really anywhere near as good as WebStorm.


Great tip!
I had ‘meteor snippets’ added - but didn’t know there was another package I could use. Thanks!

Edit: I have tried a few times, can’t get it working :frowning:
tried everything mentioned here too


I tried VIM with cmather’s setup but I switched to Atom recently. Webstorm is to heavy for me.


I give all kinds of editors a try form time to time but always end up using Sublime Text.


I thought he had his own scribe writing everything down as fast as he can speak…


Webstorm for the 3-way git merge magic and JS aware code click through.


I use Emacs for everything


I used sublime text previously, it is a great text editor, however I only use Webstorm now. It’s not visually the best looking IDE as far as the fonts go IMO (could be because I use the Linux verion, haven’t seen it on Mac/Win), but it really sped up develmonet time for me. Having the server side JS debugging right in the IDE helps a ton as well.


Atom. The price is right too.


I’ve been using Sublime Text for quite a while. And as an old friend of mine used to say “any editor is better than a new editor.”


Started with ST2, tried Atom, Brackets, Adobe’s Edge Code, and WebStorm. Now I’m back to ST3.

Atom wasn’t finished enough for me and didn’t have the package numbers to keep me
Brackets is cool, but didn’t have enough customization/features I was use to with ST
Edge Code is ok if you’re an Adobe nut, and it has some Brackets features built into it I believe
WebStorm is probably the best IDE I’ve used, but at the same time it was almost too much. I found the extra steps slowed down my dev time. Although maybe if I had used it longer I would get use to it. It also took forever to index on a new Macbook Pro, and blocked me from editing for a few mins every time it indexed (pretty often). Might be able to fix that by blacklisting some of the files that don’t need to be indexed every time?

ST3 is perfect for me; speed, every package you need, great distraction-free UI, few bugs, extremely customizable, etc.


no, Evan uses ST3 as well. So do I and Avital when we are on Windows. (However, lately I chose to use an unconfigured vim from a cygwin bash from cmd…)


+1 for Atom… it looks nice, has a nice add-on package ecosystem… and it’s Free :smile:


Atom in OSX and Vim for quick edits in a terminal


+ST3 together with Meteor Snippets, All Autocomplete, AutoCompleteJS Plugins. And Neovim.


Sublime Text fast and has Meteor snippet installing via Package Installer.
I love to use it with terminal.

Webstorm comes second to speed but more powerful in navigating.


I also moved from ST to Atom. JS + Open Source and the basic packages are there now.


Atom! I’m an ex-vim-er.

Thanks @awatson1978:

Note that you’ll need the file-types atom package which seems to have broken lately, to fix it you can add the following your ~/.atom/

# see
{extname} = require 'path'
fileTypes =
  '.js': 'source.js'
atom.workspace.observeTextEditors (editor) ->
  scopeName = fileTypes[extname editor.getPath()]
  return unless scopeName?
  g = atom.grammars.grammarForScopeName scopeName
  return unless g?
  editor.setGrammar g



You can find my .vimrc here:


Thanks @pauldowman. That’s wonderful. It solved the hassle of always having to set the grammar manually. I’ve now also updated the file type associations to handle meteor’s {{ }} syntax in HTML files using:

  fileTypes =
    '.js': 'source.js'

That automatically solves a related problem occurring when grammar is set to HTML rather than HTML (Mustache). In that case, Atom’s core language-html package preempts snippet auto-completion of the meteor-snippets package! But now, with the new .html association, tab completion on “mife” will painlessly deliver the snippet:

{{#if statement}}

instead of the nonsense: