Code editor of choice?


Atom is my preference, used to use sublime and tested out brackets (a while ago though).

Played around with these two plugins, not sure if I will stick with them though, however worth a look.


I’ve tried 'em all; Sublime Text 3, Atom, Brackets, WebStorm… (well apart from Light Table, which I hadn’t heard of until now!)

  • Atom I found too slow to load and I hated the way that the autocomplete package worked, in fairness, probably just because it was different from the way ST3 worked.
  • Brackets was great for static website development, but for anything much more than that I just felt that there was better support elsewhere.
  • WebStorm felt intrusive, as I guess most true IDEs are, but having used a simple text editor for so long, it hindered me more than helped and just got in the way, again, perhaps if I stuck with it and got the hang of it I’d feel differently.

In the end, I always load up Sublime Text 3 over any of the others. It’s fast, configurable, stable and doesn’t get in the way. So it’s all I need it to be!


If I were to liken Editors and IDEs to cars, I’d say an Editor is like a Formula 1 car, and an IDE is like super car. The first one allows you to go at incredible speeds if you know what you’re doing, but you don’t get any air conditioning, skid control, and you have to Macgyver the shit out of your seat to make it comfortable and fit for your butt. An IDE gives you a whole bunch of goodies out of the box and comes with a proper user manual, meaning you just get in and drive.

On a more serious note: Webstorm has an “understanding” of code. The refactoring tools are powerful and there’s a ton of plugins like LESS, including Meteor support as mentioned above. For example: Press CTRL + Click on template name in a html file, and it will take you to the code of the template. Same with helpers. Same with Meteor method calls. Same with CSS / LESS mixins.

If you’re new I would highly advise you get started with a powerful IDE like this one. If you’re old-school and like your original toolkit, then stick to the tools you know how to use best.


Another vote for Webstorm.


Perhaps someone with some decent WebStorm experience should think about making a screencast with some of the “power” features of the IDE with a heavy slant on using it for Meteor development!?


I had no idea so many people use webstorm. I use Vim, I’ve been using it for years. You can add most of the IDE features trough plugins, and it has the awesome text editing features that you can’t find anywhere else.


Vim. Linux is my IDE


Sublime Text is the best.


I use Brackets. Great features, especially if you prototype in Photoshop.


I use Geany. I haven’t really tried anything else. The fact that no one else in this thread has mentioned it makes me think I’m really missing out on something.


I’ve used webstorm, Vim, brackets, sublime, and Atom. I spent a lot of time using sublime for meteor, and its nice, but just recently I’ve swapped to Atom as it’s matured a lot from when I first tried it. It seems roughly equivalent to sublime. I think the community around Atom is pushing it forward faster than a lot of other editors.


I normally use Sublime Text, however, I have been using and it’s editor seems very similar. I also want to try out Webstorm.


For those of you that use Atom, what additional packages are you installing?


iam using these packages in atom: linter, linter-jshint, linter csslint, atom-beautify, autocomplete-plus, color-picker, atom-color-highlight, meteor-api, meteor-helper


I used to use VIM but SublimeText is very good for the job

(Vim with jshint2, nerdTree, ctrlp, etc…)


I used ST3 for a couple years for many different projects and languages (javascript, Python, C++, …): it was great at the begin but when the number of installed packages grew it became too slow (probably because of some badly coded package…)

So I eventually switched to Atom a few months ago: I’m liking it but I think it’s still too young!
You have to leave with some buggy behaviour and packages…
Btw, It’s growing fast and packages’quality is growing too: I’ll give it another few months :wink:


I try ST3, but can’t autocomplete.


Do you mean with the TermJS package & @slava’s meteor support module…?
Me neither, couldn’t get it working after trying a few things. (mentioned previously)
Gave up after about half hour of messing around.


I am using phpStorm. +1


I recently switched to atom. So far I really like it - particularly the github integrations (for example it can highlight the areas of the current file which have changed since the last commit).