Code editor of choice?


Hi, I actually just updated the package to work with Sublime Text 3 w/o any hustle through Package Control:


Thank you so much for putting that together!! Works great!!


+1 for Sublime Text. Love the simplicity with the ability to get as complex as you want.


Webstorm 9, now with Structured Search And Replace!


Although it has already been mentioned, I use Brackets on a daily basis. I added a link so that it will show up in the discussion summary.


I use Vim 7.4 -


the meteor ones + file-icons + minimap + emmet + color-picker + autocomplete-plus


Notepad, but since Mac doesn’t have it… Sublime Text


I moved from vim to Atom and I am quite happy with the change.


Geany is a competent web editor. Very fast to load. However, it simply cannot compare to WebStorm or PHPStorm for meteor development. I have high-end dev systems and I find Atom to be painfully slow to load.
As a solo developer, one feature I love in WebStorm is the local VCS, BitBucket, and Git integration. I find myself on up to four or five different computers in the course of a day (I teach IT and devops classes at multiple locations), and WebStorm/PHPStorm let me keep my meteor projects synced very easily.


+1 for vim. Aside from worrying about swp files (which I gitignore) it does everything I need it to and I rarely have to take my hands from the keyboard.


I’m a huge fan of Atom. It’s a perfectly capable replacement for Sublime. I can also keep track of the packages I’ve starred on my account, and sync that with other computers with apm. The only problem I have with Atom is performance, so I don’t look through large JSON data dumps with it, and sometimes it will bite off more than it can chew. Sublime never had that problem. That said, all my files are small and modular anyway.

What I like about Atom is that it’s a perfectly suitable Sublime replacement for most things, it’s free, it’s backed by GitHub, and it’d be really easy to extend if I ever think of a good idea, because it’s written in CoffeeScript. It just makes a lot of sense to me as a CoffeeScript and JavaScript developer.


I’m really liking Atom now. Was using WS, but tried Atom (again) because of recommendations here.


You can move where the swp files & backups go, or remove them all together! i.e. :smile:


Just another opinion here…

For serious dev I’m using WebStorm since it has everything you need (and beyond) built in (IDE, Console/Terminal Window, support for Client AND Server debugging for Meteor etc.) . The only downside sometimes is that the bigger the project becomes and the more plug-ins you use the slower the environment becomes.

As for the smaller and faster prototypes, I’m using Atom for which I’ve created a startup package configuration for Meteor & Polymer for example which you can download / review from my repo: meteor-polymer-atom


Atom and Vim are both great open source options.


I am loving WebStorm. I used to use PHPStorm. Sublime Text is great too (definitely my 2nd option).


Sublime on Mac/Windows, Vim linux.


I used to use Sublime too, but then I took an Webstorm Licence to my hard drive. Not gonna lie, this is the most painless way to debug my Meteor applications. Best 50€ I’ve ever spent.


ST3 plus Meteor plugin (thank you @slava), also VIM