Code editor of choice?


Intellij IDEA. Silly name, awesome editor for all projects, Meteor, WordPress, whatever.





hell, i’ll even hop on Skype and give you a 5 minute Webstorm overview of how we use it if you like. I certainly wish someone did it for me, so I’d be happy to show you the ropes.

Could do it as a Google Hangout if anyone else wants in.



Just got an email from a team lead at Jet Brains. They have updated the auto completion engine for Meteor and fixed bugs in the new upcoming version of WebStorm :slight_smile:


You can make a 5 min video tutorial of setting up Webstorm so that everyone can benefit, just a thought.


@maxhodges that would be phenomenal. I’m in the CDT timezone, and it’s 12:35pm. I’ll be out of the client site in 3 hours, so in 4 hours time I should be free to Skype. We could record the conversation as per the suggestion by @chos89 if it’s in a sort of short Q&A format and post it in a topic. It’d be a good video in general, but I think it would help any others coming from a full-fledged IDE like VS to learn the new layout and sort of have a mapping of common things you’re used to doing in that environment and doing them in WebStorm.


Pretty much what I suggested earlier!

If you did end up recording something, please do post a link to it, I’d love to learn a bit more about WebStorm before using it in earnest.


Unfortunately, I never got confirmation from @maxhodges yesterday, but I’m hoping he’ll have an opportunity to get with me sometime this week. Even if he’s unable to have the recording, I can follow-up with an overview video specific to using WebStorm with Meteor - unless this already exists somewhere out there and I find that link to put here!


Hey guys, I’m in Japan, so we’ll probably have a hard time with the time zones. I created an intro video for you. It’s pretty rough, but I hope it leaves a good impression. I cover just a 15 or 20 little things which highlight the very enlightened interface. WebStorm should spend some money and make a more polished video like this because apparently too many people are hesitant to really dive in.

There are really too many features to cover in 15-20 minutes, but I hope it at least entices you to learn more!

just reuploaded to dropbox but looking like meteor forums can’t handle thsi link



Pretty please ask them to implement linting and navigate to declaration for package exports.


You should ask him yourself, give it a shot:


Sorry, haven’t had the time yet to make a twitter account. :smile:



:smile: Very well, I’ve send them a message to please implement support for package exports. If others would do so also that be great.


@maxhodges thanks for the vid. It’s helpful for sure. Do you have a link for the mongo plugin?

EDIT: Found it!


there is really so much to cover. I’d need a lot more time to plan out a proper overview.

also new features are coming soon


hi @bobbyroberts99 even better is Mongol
I actually use this instead of Mongo Explorer now

created by @msavin


Thanks, I’ll try mongol. Can’t get Mongo explorer to connect to
localhost:27017 anyways.

maxhodges wrote:


Meteor starts the mongod for you on port 3002


it’s probably not 27017!

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