Code editor of choice?


@maxhodges I started Meteor mongo and it came back with ‘’ (which works). Thanks for the help.


So after a few mails back and forth with Jetbrains WebStorm support the “no linting, no lookup, etc for external packages” issue is actually an “old” bug related to the use of “:” in package file names.

Says it should be fixed in WS 10. I’ll look into getting the early acces version.

Gotta say Jetbrains has some great support response times.


ah right, sorry, I’m running multiple instances so I have different ports configured on start up!


release candidate for webstorm 10


Thanks for the mention. There’s a live demo here:


So, just now finally getting a chance to watch the video (and got WS 10 RC). My comments on the things I really found interesting that you talk about as you discuss it in the video:

First of all, love the locate button. Sorely was needed in VS - I always have to macro the toggle “Track Active Item in Solution Explorer” all the time.

Scope management is also nice, although I don’t see myself using it much - I’m OCD about being able to get to everything, although I’m sure there plenty of use cases for this.

The tab placement is boss as hell - I completely agree that it gets hard to parse when there are lots of tabs across the top, and I can’t believe you can so easily alter the layout. I don’t know if VS lets you do that, but if it does, I’m finding it and using it immediately.

Search everywhere is pretty damned sweet with that loose search technology - I can’t recall of the top of my head what that’s called, but that functionality is available elsewhere and I’ve always thought it was awesome. We need a meteor package to add that to our apps :wink:

Recent files is also very useful - I just like that they really focus on the search meta within the IDE, including the “favorites” concept.

I know the “terminal” is available in a lot of IDEs, but I always love the nice separation of Errors and Output that VS provides. Obviously with Meteor they can’t do that off the bat, but I think with a linter or something you could potentially have that capability here. Let me know if this is more readily available and I just need to “activate” it as a plugin or something.

Mongo Explorer is pretty cool - I know there’s been a lot of Mongol talk recently, but I like having access to it while I’m developing, regardless of if I have the app running or not.

As for the in-IDE source control features, I prefer the git cli, so I appreciate the feature, but I probably won’t end up using it, especially since the terminal is available right there. Although, you never know.

Live templates are basically snippets right? Still nice to know they’ve been included and have such an easy management paradigm to utilizing them within WS. The func live template, I believe, was context-sensitive as you mentioned within an expression of JavaScript - say, you were defining a callback - func would work in that context.

File and Code Templates are still snippets, but it’s really nice that they separate it and allow in-IDE integration to create whole new files for you and for which you can specify styling guidelines.

Just overall very impressive highlight of the features, and I’m glad I took the time to review the video. I’m going to run it in Windows to test out Meteor 1.1-rc.0 and see if I can update my project tonight.


Whenever i try switching to webstorm, i go back to sublime text because of the Quick Add Next in

I’m super addicted to this feature :slight_smile: Do you guys know any way to achieve this in webstorm ?


see multiple carets


If you are developing on Chromebooks use Caret, Chrome Dev Editor or Subtext.

So I wonder if I should buy a Mac

I couldn’t find what i was looking for there, but it was very helpful i’ll try to use webstorm.


Press Alt+Click to have multiple cursors in WebStorm, works just as well as ST3 in my opinion.


I think this describes what you want right?

cursor locations can also be added using Select Next Occurrence (Alt+J on Windows, Ctrl-G on Mac OS X): we can add the next occurrence of the current word to the selection and start working from there. Also we can Unselect Occurrence (Alt+Shift+J on Windows, Ctrl-Shift-G on Mac OS X). Select All Occurrences (Ctrl-Cmd-G on Mac OS X is already available, Windows hotkey Ctrl+Alt+Shift+J will be available from the next EAP - use double shift | Select All Occurrences action for now) will select all occurrences of current word/symbol in multiple caret mode. Hitting Escape lets us work with one cursor again.

see multiple carets


or an online editor like, or


Thought this might make it easier to see what people are using and what they prefer:

Meteor Editor Poll


Nice poll, I like Ace personally. I wish I would have posted this question first, it almost always is the most viewed and commented question on any coding forum. We programmers are very particular in our text capturing software choices. :smile:


link to results here


Webstorm gets my vote. Great IDE feel and interface. Also students can get a year free


perhaps start a new topic with this as the topic just so its not hidden in the depths of the comments


Tried WebStorm, but didn’t care for it. Way overly complicated, not to mention there’s no CoffeeScript support (ugh). Atom works great for me. Simple and lightweight.


CoffeeScript is supported. Works with debugging too if you have JS source maps.

Are you having the same problem as that other user? Can you provide code samples and run/debug configurations you use. In general, CoffeeScript debug should work fine if you have source maps, as I said.

"WebStorm provides CoffeeScript support. WebStorm recognizes *.coffee files, and allows you to edit them providing full range of coding assistance without any additional steps from your side. "

CoffeeScript support includes:

Code completion for keywords, labels, variables, parameters and functions.
Error and syntax highlighting.
Code formatting and folding.
Common refactoring procedures, such as extract method , inline, rename/move, etc.
CoffeeScript-specific refactoring procedures, such as change signature, extract parameter, extract variable. These types of refactoring are identical with JavaScript, for more details, see the section JavaScript-Specific Refactorings
Code generation
Generating code stubs based on file templates during file creation.
Ability to create line and block comments (⌘ Slash/Alt ⌘ Slash).
Navigation through source code
Navigating with Structure View.
Navigate | Declaration (⌘ B).
Navigate | Implementation (Alt ⌘ B) from overridden method / subclassed class.
Navigate | Symbol (Alt ⌘ O.
Compiling to JavaScript for further running, debugging, and testing, see Running CoffeeScript and Debugging CoffeeScript.
Executing CoffeeScript files involves:
Ability to preview results of CoffeeScript files compilation to JavaScript.
Ability to launch CoffeeScript files from the context menu.
Run/debug configuration for NodeJS includes the ability to use CoffeeScript plugin.