Code not working in client side in meteor galaxy


Hi all,
I have created an application in meteor 1.4 + react. Its working very well in my local machine but on deployment on meteor galaxy server code starts but not client code. To check that I have added console.log in meteor.startup on both server and client and a common file outside server and client folder. Both files prints console log in server but not in client. It is not even printing any console on browser.

Link for my app is:

Any suggestions are appreciate.


It complains about not having specified a route, and that your jquery version (3.1) is higher than requirements.

Check that your router handles the / route correctly, and get another jquery version (1.9.1 or higher, but lower than version 3)


jorgeer thanks for you reply.
We have cross checked our routing, and also tried to console test message on client main.js file, but it was not working, So there might be some other problem then routing.