Code not working properly on sub domain


My code not working properly on sub domain. Like if I will submit the form then whole page will reload but submit function will not call. But on main domain I’ll so same its work fine, function will.

And on sub domain I am getting error on console “Cannot find module ‘packery’” but on main domain I am not getting such kind of error.

Please advice any solution.


Can you show a bit more about the errors you get on console? What kind of errors are they? Maybe post a screenshot of copy of the error log with stack trace.


Do you see any errors in the network tab in your developer tools in the browser?


This doesn’t necessarily help address your issue, but a quick suggestion none the less - it looks like you’re using the dburles:packery package. That package is just a wrapper around the Packery library, and it’s really out of date. You might want to consider removing the dburles:packery package and using the (up to date) npm equivalent instead.


Thanks @hwillson now Packery is working fine by npm packages