Code splitting with reify


In the reify package readme, there is a link to a justification for nested imports, and in there is a section on using async functions and routers as a way to enable “automatic code splitting”.

Is that implemented in Meteor and reify yet?


It looks like not, and maybe it’s better to ask for (or wait for) http/2 support with individual module loading anyway. :slight_smile:


Not yet implemented, but that’s definitely the vision. Sorry for the wait.

UI lazy loading useless in Single Page Application

No need to apologize, this stuff is coming along nicely!


Any chance for splitting or http/2 (which would seem to obviate the need for code splitting and bundling) in Meteor 1.5?


With the focus of 1.5 being on Meteor + Apollo integration, code splitting (or HTTP/2 support) might be held up for a bit. MDG should be releasing an updated Roadmap shortly, so we’ll soon see.

That being said, HTTP/2 support has been discussed and is logged as a feature request here:



I just read up a bit on HTTP/2 as I wasn’t entire sure how it works. It looks like much of the reify work is still needed to determine which assets to “push” based on routes and whatnot, so a lot of the work may overlap. At least based on a pretty quick look at it.

I suppose in the end it doesn’t really matter whether files are bundled or pushed over HTTP/2 (and Meteor could theoretically select which method to use) - the end result is the same, and what I’m really after is just faster loading pages - in this case through smaller payloads. I have an app now that is essentially 4 different apps - and the bundle is getting pretty large. Most users will never need all the Admin stuff.