CodeSandBox with Meteor Setup

I have not had a chance to try this with a Meteor sandbox setup, but I think Codesandbox for React is pretty neat. It works with npm packages. Has anyone come across a Meteor setup at or if its possible to do with Meteor Client Bundler.

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I’ve just found this working Meteor app in codesandbox:

Is it by this @maxfi?


Wow, this is really cool. We should explore this more and understand what are the limitations.


What in the… :no_mouth: Seems it’s relying on a beta feature of CodeSandbox, a node sandbox.

I thought this was not possible. It’s actually a working Meteor app in CodeSandbox. Tiny should reach out to Ives van Hoorne and say thanks (and perhaps suggest a Meteor template) :heart:


This looks like the latest code Sandbox, running a React front-end, looks to be working really nicely :grinning:

It looks like @filipenevola was exploring this on on Slack, so maybe we’ll see more codesandbox + Meteor examples soon.