Codeship CI issue: "stream error Network error: ws://localhost:3000/websocket: connect ECONNREFUSED"


While trying to use Codeship as my CI I’m receiving this error:
stream error Network error: ws://localhost:3000/websocket: connect ECONNREFUSED

My setup is as follow:

cd <target_project>
nvm install 0.10.36
nvm use 0.10.36
npm install -g bcrypt
npm install -g velocity-cli
curl -o
chmod +x
sed -i "s/type sudo >\/dev\/null 2>&1/\ false /g"
export PATH=$HOME/.meteor:$PATH
meteor refresh```

And my test commands is a follows: 
```set -e
export VELOCITY_CI=1
export DEBUG=1
export NODE_ENV="development"
export METEOR_SETTINGS='{my_settings}'
meteor --test --once --release velocity:METEOR@```

From a related thread on SO I read that some people thought Browser Policy could be an issue, so I updated my Meteor Settings and my browser policy config to respect all connections to localhost. That didn't solve it however. 
If you've got a working Codeship/Meteor/Velocity setup, I would love to learn how to do it.

EDIT: The issue was `set -e` which causes the test/build to fail upon first error, which `stream error Network ...` was.


The error is usually harmless. Are you saying there is also an issue with the actual tests?

Here’s an example of a project that works nicely on CircleCI


That looks highly valuable. Thanks!


I ended up using the velocity-cli npm package (installed in the setup phase):
npm install velocity-cli
and rewrote the test settings like this:
velocity test-app --ci --settings settings.json
and included a settings file instead of using env variable, since I couldn’t make them work.

That works, Cucumber is now running.