Coffeescript + Meteor

I’ve been looking through the source of some Atmosphere packages in Github lately and I didn’t realize how many of them were written in Coffeescript.

So I was wondering is it Meteor tradition of sorts to use Coffeescript? is learning Coffeescript something of a Meteor rite of passage? is that something we want to keep going in the face of Typescript’s growing popularity? I personally like when how different communities have their own idiosyncrasies and traditions, so I guess I was just interested in seeing what other people thought.

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Coffeescript used to be really popular. It was the defacto language for rails, meteor.

It’s not nearly as popular now.


Also, Rails ships with Coffeescript by default.

Rails ships with CoffeeScript by default, and so the rest of the examples in this guide will be in CoffeeScript. All of these lessons, of course, apply to vanilla JavaScript as well.

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Meteor goes way back to the times when Babel was called 6to5, and beyond. Coffeescript was popular, because it was a nicer way to code JavaScript, at the time. Times have changed!

I doubt many Meteor developers today would start their projects with Coffeescript. Instead, probably TypeScript.


That’s kind of what i was wondering, like is there a sentimental attachment to Coffeescript among the Meteor community or have times changed and its Typescript that now fills the role that Coffeescript once did


Does it still? Rails 6 just shipped and moved the JS compilation to webpacker. Feels like that guide might be out of date, but I could be wrong.

Maybe. I was thinking the same thing, so I decided to reference the official docs to backup my claims. :sweat_smile:

I guess times have changed. Rewrite everything into Typescript! :rofl:


I found a 10 dollar copy of Coffeescript in Action (a good book btw, even if you dont want to learn Coffeescript it just broadens your perspective) and after reading through it I can start to see the appeal of Coffeesccript to Ruby and Python developers. It kind of bridges the gap from Javascript to Ruby/Python,making Javascript more like Ruby/Python. Alot like how Typescript makes JavaScript more like C# for ASP.Net developers. I just thought I’d share that and see what people thought about that comment.

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