Coffeescript React JSX Transformer


This looks really cool. I am still learning about Meteor+React, and up till now was not very thrilled about the JSX syntax for defining a component — I think it’s pretty verbose in comparison to Blaze, especially when you start looping data. Being able to code it like this would definitely get me exited.

Can anybody with more experience weigh in on this? Would it be a bad idea to introduce a ‘CJSX’ variant like this at this point? If not, would it be possible to port this module to Meteor, and could someone help me get started with this?


There is working meteor package for cjsx already for some time.
And with ES6+ I dont think that there will be much use for Coffee left.


Cool, did not know about jhartma:cjsx!

Here’s an alternative opinion on the use of CoffeeScript vs ES6: Long live CoffeeScript and long live ES6!