Cofounder Sports Betting Marketplace and Social Media platform

I am currently working with another tech cofounder in developing a sports betting marketplace/social media platform (NOT fantasy sports). Users can become sports betting consultants sell picks or subscriptions to other users as well as conduct several tournaments similar to what covers uses which will give our community value added services. The main concept is FIVERR for sports betting. My tech co founder is starting development using Meteor and mongo DB. Real time chat as well as other social media aspects will be included such as time line and gallery. As far as legality is concerned no actual gambling is taking place just the sale of information which in a global market worth roughly 3 trillion US dollars a year can be very profitable. We are looking for another tech cofounder that is a full stack developer with having expertise in Mongo DB, Javascript, CSS, HTML, JQUERY and bootstrap. We are only looking for equity partnerships at this time. Please email me if interested

How many hours are you from an MVP?

My team has already put in over 2k hours in this project and 8 months work so we are very close but our realistic launch date is tentatively set for November