Collection find() as promise, missing field

So using library to get promise out of meteor method, on my query I’m missing the field by which I filter query. When I project that field, I only get _id.

@janat08 it’s not clear what your situation is, what problem you’re seeing, and what your question is. Maybe you could expand/clarify?

  "skillCountSort": function(names){
    return SkillCount.find({name: {$in: names}}).fetch()
var AC = await Meteor.callPromise("skillCountSort", filterNamesArray)

//index: “187”
and no name field

What was the contents of filterNamesArray? What was the name field of object with id ‘2Ex…’?
Can you eliminate the client (and promise) by logging the result of the fetch() on the server (e.g. with JSON.stringify()?
While you’re at it, also confirm that the names arrives at the server as expected (by logging).

consider this for number 1, and yes name exists. it is dev environment.

It is a library error for deanius:promise.

Or it is not, as this will produce same error when callback will not:

CallPromise = function () {
  var args = [], 1);
  return new Promise((resolve)=>{
    Meteor.apply(arguments[0], args, function(err, res){

Yes, I delete the name prop after console log and it somehow logs stuff as if after the delete operation.