Collection helpers with typescript


I am using dburles:collection-helpers in my meteor 2.12 project with typescript. I added this package with meteor add dburles:collection-helpers and the types with meteor yarn add @types/meteor-dburles-collection-helpers.

In my TS file:

import { Mongo } from "meteor/mongo";
import SimpleSchema from 'simpl-schema';
const BackupJobsSchema = new SimpleSchema({
  status: {
    type: String,
    allowedValues: [
const BackupJobs = new Mongo.Collection("backup_jobs");
  isRunning() {
    return (
      this.status === "queued" ||
      this.status === "in_progress" ||
      this.status === "restarting"

But muy IDE gives me an error in Backup.helpers: Property ‘helpers’ does not exist on type Collection<Document, Document>

I tried to put the types files from meteor-dburles-collection-helpers in my own typings-custom project folder but I got the same error.

Any ideas?

Here is the answer to this…