Collection hooks async invocation fails?

I am doing this -

Collection.before.insert(async function (userId, doc) {

and further down I am doing -

const { lat, lon } = await Meteor.callAsync(‘getLatLongAsync’,

I add what I need, then log the doc which is correct…

But the collection never gets the updated doc, somehow I get the default doc which is lat,lon 0,0.

I see there was an update to make collection hooks return a promise, so I am assuming I am just doing something wrong. What am I missing?

What version of the package are we talking here about?

That’s a good question. I see both 0.8.6 in package.json (duh this is types) and 1.3.1 under meteor versions.

well this isn’t a clear answer either -

% meteor update matb33:collection-hooks
The specified packages are at their latest compatible versions.

So it looks like I have the latest, so my question remains.

The other properties in the doc before the Await are getting set correctly.

Check in your packages folder or via meteor list for the version. To list all the version of the package you can run: meteor show matb33:collection-hooks --show-all