Collection insert only inserts on one side (minimongo or db)?


i have a server/server.js method to fill a settings collection with one document.

Meteor.startup(function () {

defaultLocation: false
Meteor.publish(“settings”, function () {
return Settings.find();

When the collection has size 1 it runs perfectly, but when I do “meteor reset” and restart the app, sometimes (not always), my collection is only inserted on one side…

meteor:PRIMARY> db.settings.find()

does return the dataset, but the mongoInspector (and so my app) does not see it (settings document).

Is there any mechanism to force this upload to db/mongoDB or is this a bug?


If the above always returns the data, then it’s always being added to Mongo properly. When you check for the data on your client side, are you sure your subscription is ready? Take a look at the Meteor.subscribe onReady callback explanation in the Meteor docs.