CollectionFS gridfs to filesystem migration


I have to migrate some files from cfs:gridfs to cfs:filesystem. I haven’t been able to find any discussion about this or packages to take as a starting point. At the moment I don’t have too many files so a client based solution is an option but my instinct is that it should be done in /server/fixtures.js.



Oh dear, after carefully going through some of the docs I’ve just found

This on Github

…could also pipe the readStream from one store to the writeStream from another store to move files between stores, for example if you decide to use a different storage adapter and need to quickly and easily migrate the data. (We have not tested this, but it should be possible.)

This is really scary because my data is live :frowning:


then clone your data to your local development server and test-test-test. Also build in lots of checks to make sure nothing goes wrong AND you can always back your stuff up before doing anything dangerous AND you can always have two different collections - one old one new.


I’m intrigued by your solution on github!