CollectionFS needs love


Hi all,

I want to ask if anybody depend on CollectionFS and want to help out maintaining the project,

I haven’t used Meteor for the past couple of years, I strongly believe that the best packages are the ones where the maintainers depend on it them selfs

If I can’t finde any maintainers the project will close down.

Kind regards Morten
(aka RaiX)


The project is now closed down, repositories are marked “deprecated” and archived in github :disappointed_relieved:

I’m not sure how to mark all cfs/ packages to deprecated on atmosphere? (any hints appreciated - I can flag the packages)

The past couple of months I’ve talked with a few developers who wanted to give it a go" - but the project is big, needs alot of work to get into shape - so in the end it didn’t fly.

IMHO my advice to other developers would be to use the services on azure/google/amazon for file handling and processing (tooling is much greater now than 4-5 years ago)

We point developers to as an alternative solution.

I want to say thank you to all contributors it’s been great working with you guys, and a special thank you to Eric aka @aldeed Thanks dude for your support, code and ideas :slight_smile:

Kind regards Morten
(aka RaiX)


GridFS in combination with works very well if you target for self hosting solution or when cloud service are not an option for you. GridFS has also been improved a lot from a Mongo perspective, also see this post:

Another question is, if CollectionFS would be a potential candidate for Meteor-Community-Packages?


Thank you for pointing to the community packages - I have made a post in regard to transfer packages to that org


as alternative there is also


Using Meteor-Files from VeliovGroup.


Thanks @raix! It was fun trading coding hours on this project. I learned a lot about Node streams that is helpful to this day. I agree that there are better services available now. For image/video, if it works with budget, services like Cloudinary are a good choice.

For those not willing to let go yet, I helped Reaction Commerce build and publish NPM editions of some of the CFS packages last year:

It supports only a smaller subset of the features that CFS did.