CollectionFS Video to Image Thumbnails

I am using CollectionFS to upload Files.

I am able to upload and generate thumbnails for Images.

But my Issue is : How should I create thumbnails for Videos?

I can see that it is possible via command line:

But how can I apply this to my Meteor code.

Here is what I am doing:

VideoFileCollection = new FS.Collection("VideoFileCollection", {
stores: [
  new FS.Store.FileSystem("videos", {path: "/uploads/videos"}),
  new FS.Store.FileSystem("videosthumbs", {path: "/uploads/videosthumbs",
    beforeWrite: function(fileObj) {
      // We return an object, which will change the
      // filename extension and type for this store only.
      return {
        extension: 'png',
        type: 'image/png'
    transformWrite: function(fileObj, readStream, writeStream) {


What is happening here that video is getting Uploaded to “videos” folder and one PNG is created under “videosthumbs” with 0 Bytes and thumbnail is not getting generated.

I have also read at :

that we can use : gm().command() - Custom command such as identify or convert

Can Anybody advise me on what can be done to handle this situation?

Hello Mate,
Found any solution?