Collections Mongodb server/client

In a Meteor application, I want to work on a collection named 'visiteurs’
I populated this collection with 3 recording.
In the Mongo terminal, the number of documents in the collection is 3

> db.visiteurs.find (). Count ()

In the file “lib / collection / visitors.js” I have this code :

Visiteurrs = new Mongo.Collection ('visiteursors');
Console.log (Visitors.find (). Count ())

This ‘console’ statement will give a result in the server console and a result in the navigator console.
I get well 3 on the server console when starting the server but 0 in the browser console ???
As a result, I do not retrieve my documents in my application.

Can anyone help me to solve this problem.Thank you for your help

Did you subscribe to a publication in your client?