Collections publishing/subscribing in Meteor v1.3

I have trouble with collections on client

My code is next:


export const FormatTemplates = new Mongo.Collection('formatTemplates');


import { FormatTemplates } from "/imports/api/formatTemplates/formatTemplates.js";
Meteor.publish("formatTemplates", () => {
    console.log("Publishing on server", FormatTemplates.find().fetch());
    return FormatTemplates.find();


import { FormatTemplates } from "/imports/api/formatTemplates/formatTemplates.js"
import { Template } from "meteor/templating";
import "./userTemplates.css";
import "./userTemplates.html";

      userTemplates: () => {
          return FormatTemplates.find();

Template.userTemplates.onCreated(function () {
    Meteor.subscribe("formatTemplates", function () {
          console.log("Subscribing on client", FormatTemplates.find().fetch());

So, when a browser renders the template I see message in server console “Publishing on server” with a lot of objects, but in browser console I see Subscribing on client [].

What is going with my collections, where I wrong?

Ok, I have found the issue:

Exception while parsing DDP Error: Custom EJSON type Format is not defined(…)

This error raises only on the client side. On the server side everything is fine.