Coming back to Meteor, which packages are alive, which are dead?

I was taking a look at a few packages I’d previously used in old Meteor apps, and a bunch of them haven’t been updated for a few years (Astronomy, being one of them)…

Which packages are still good to use…? Should I relinquish myself from the Meteor package system for anything other than core packages, and just stick to npm?


Have a look at these, they are maintained by the community:

In short, yes… the entire stack is slowly becoming more NPM and React centric.

@awatson1978 How do you work around this with Meteor’s build system? I just found myself wanting to import stylus files via Node imports, but unfortunately it doesn’t look like the ecosystem supports that.

Well, we’re using the fourseven:scss build plugin, which has fairly reliable support for node imports of sass and scss files.

But usually we’re using Material UI, which relies on makeStyles and useStyles to build and attach styles at runtime, after the linker has finished.

By node imports do you mean require?

Using coagmano:stylus you can import from npm packages using stylus imports:

@import '{}/node_modules/vuetify/src/stylus/main'

and it also supports directly import-ing and require-ing stylus files:

import './styles.styl';

It’s possible that using the JS imports doesn’t work from npm folders without explicitly telling Meteor that you want it to re-compile that module using meteor.nodeModule.recompile:

I haven’t used my own lib in quite some time, so I’m not sure if there’s any issues with newer Meteor versions. I’ve been thinking of making a simplified version of the stylus build plugin which doesn’t include all the extra stylus libs. They tend to just add clutter and can significantly slow builds on large projects using v2 of the plugin


I sill woner why Metor is not mor poular

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