Community comments & vote schema redesign for growth/scale

Hi everyone, I’m trying to plan how to scale the MVP of It’s best you just quickly check out the site but here’s the TL;DR:

Product Cafe is a community for product managers. Users can:

  • Share relevant product management stories
  • Ask a product management question and get advice from other users
  • Post a product job and/or find product jobs
  • There’s a self-curated podcast

Additional types of contents in the future will be:

  • Interviews with successful product teams
  • User curated case studies on products built

All of the existing and future features have one thing in common:
They all have a commenting system and they should all have a voting system assigned to them.

I’ve been hacking the MVP together quickly, I want to make sure the Mongoose/GraphQL schema is ready for future scaling.

Right now I have the following concern on how to structure the schema: Currently individual types of content (story, question, etc.) all have their own votes field (that gets incremented as users vote).

For comments, there is a schema just for that and my comment component gets the ID of the DB entry (doesn’t matter which model it is such as StoryModel, QuestionModel, etc it just gets the _id) and then I retrieve all comments that refer to that ID. This works well for me. I was thinking if I should do the same for votes? That way I can simply refer to the vote ID and get the number of votes.

With my current system, I have to run a custom mutation such as addVoteToStory, addVoteToQuestion, etc… If I’d just have one addVote mutation taking the id it refers to, that would make things a lot simpler and I could easily attach votes to anything. I’m just not sure how efficient it is to do these kind of decouplings?

Old schema:
StoryModel, QuestionModel - each contains vote separately as Number being incremented
CommentsModel - contains reference to _ID of a Story, Question and finds comments based on that

New schema idea:
StoryModel, QuestionModel - don’t contain any reference to votes
CommentsModel - contains reference to _ID of a Story, Question and finds comments based on that
VotesModel - contains reference to _ID of a Story, Question and finds votes based on that

Is this a good approach? I have no idea how fast or slow it will be in the future to retrieve multiple schemas. Currently when I retrieve a story, the vote is already included there. Via refrence I would fetch Story, Comments & Votes separately.

This may not be a problem necessarily since I’m using Apollo? I’m no DB expert though, so any feedback is very much welcome here: My main concern is to retrieve data as fast as possible obviously :slight_smile:

Ahhh… One concern that I have with this decoupled approach is that it might be harder to sort a Story if it wouldn’t contain a vote field anymore. I would then have to first sort the available votes, and based on that order sort the Stories, this might be hard to do, right?

I’ve been giving this some thought… would it make sense to have a schema like this?

Each schema (Story, Question, whatever) has a voteCount to quickly retrieve the count of votes. Then, the actual votes are in it’s own votes model with id of user who voted and a reference to the document (that’s how I check if the user voted for it already)