Community survey


Hello everyone,

Me and other community contributors got together and started hashing out how to handle important community packages going forward (especially those that feel abandoned, but are still important).

There are few among us who would like to do a bit more as well, but we want to focus in on areas that there is interest in. So we have taken everything and created a survey, which we would like to ask you to participate in:

The survey will be up till the end of the month (March 2019).
Thank you all for your feedback!

State of Meteor?

Good idea, have completed my questionnaire


I’d suggest adding a question for “Would you be willing to assist in the maintenance of these packages” or the such like


If you’re keen to help, feel free to say so here or in


How did I miss all this? Count me in.


Anyone with a strong follower-base posting this on some social platforms to generate some reach and to generate some (hopefully) valid data sample?


Great initiative, count me in as well.

I think the survey is missing a question to identify key packages which one would like to maintain long-term (not necessary in dire need for update at the moment).


I have a really good meteor boilerplate project that I’m still using based on yogiben starter.


  • autoform and everything working
  • admin panel
  • posting and commenting
  • user profiles
  • sendgrid mails
  • SSR

All working like a charm!! I know we all have our own boilerplates, but, in case anyone is wondering what you can easily do/not do…

If there’s interest I can put up in gitbub and share the link I just need to clean up a bit…


Hello , Im interesting for your boilerplate


I’m interested in seeing how you set up SSR.


Bumping this up.

Will present preliminary results on the weekend of 30th March. Will close the survey the following Sunday and after removing things like emails, will open the results for anyone to examine.


Look forward to seeing the results. Thanks for making the survey! :+1: