Comparing Meteor with Loopback and others

Hi Guys,

I’ve asked to add comparison with Meteor as well for the site

And here’s the draft in the progress

I think you can share with your opinions there.

Can someone please look at the link and see if items related to Meteor are OK?

You can leave your comments there as well.

Thanks in advance.

Imho the “Client SDK” part could have something like “Cordova for iOS and Android”. When people see “Javascript”, they still think only of the web.

Also if you add “Hapi plugins” for Hapi as “Extensions”, I’d add “own package system and repository” for Meteor.

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Hi all,

Here’s an updated comparison sheet

Any suggestions to improve it for Meteor?

My opinion:

  1. Suitable for row should also contain REST APIs
  2. Export API Definition set to None… Is that OK?
  3. Data sources has only MongoDB. I think it’d be better to mention Official Support for MongoDB and third-party packages for MySQL, PostgreSQL… anything else?

Any other suggestions?

Hello, Meteor funs!

Let’s help Meteor by polishing the comparison table above. :slight_smile:

You should change web apps to be both Simple and Complex web apps. Also, seems like you should mention NPM for extensions, as well. You should probably add React and Angular to the client SDK.

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The simple:rest REST API package for Meteor supports exporting the API definition:

Also I’m not exactly sure about what ACLs means in the context of this table, but Meteor supports a huge variety of authorization options, starting with basic allow/deny built into the framework and including dozens of packages on Atmosphere.

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