Compile Meteor to Webassembly Binary

I do not pretent to know what I am talking about but how cool would that be if you could target a webassembly build just as easy as you target, electron, cordova etc.

I know you’d be converting JS to a truly compiled binary but it would be supremely cool and awesome etc.

Is anyone working on this per chance?

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What kinds of benefits would you get? I think it would actually be slower to run - JavaScript is actually super fast.


And AFAIK, it’s not currently possible to compile javascript to WASM, and the dynamic typing would probably provide no great benefit, also loosing dynamic recompilation where appropriate.

Well I was thinking for some tasks WASM is potentially better - like since you get parallel processing you could do some interesting things with video etc. Also a compiled binary might be smaller than raw JS files to upload although with the new dynamic file loading in 1.5 that’s a moot point.

Maybe WASM is less a replacement a more an enhancement to JS allowing us to do certain things better.

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Would be fun to have a toolchain add ons that build wasm files that can be dynamically imported.

The wasm import syntax is almost the same (save one instance level) as dynamic imports.