Complete newbie-Can't open meteor project in Atom

Just downloaded Meteor and I’m excited to get started learning new skills. I would like to run through a few tutorials to familiarize myself with how everything works, but I think I’m missing something simple. I can get to the “Welcome to Meteor” screen on the local host, but can’t open the files in Atom text editor. Any help is welcome. Also any recommendations for tutorials for the “very beginner” would be great. (In all the ones I’ve looked at so far, they open their text editor and the .js .css & .html files are just there-I feel like I’m missing some of the most basic knowledge) Thanks!

Wherever you created your meteor app, that’s the directory you want to open in Atom. For example:

# /home/sean meteor create testApp
# /home/sean cd testApp
# /home/sean/testApp meteor

Then in Atom, hit Ctrl-Shift-O (to open a folder), and then navigate to /home/sean/testApp and hit Open. You should see the Tree View, allowing you to explore your files on the left hand side of the screen. If you don’t see the Tree View, you can hit Ctrl + / to bring it up.

You can also launch Atom to open your current project directory from the console. Just type atom . Note the dot in the command. If you experience any lag after launching Atom, close Atom and relaunch with GPU acceleration disabled by running this command instead atom . --disable-gpu

From your Command Prompt/Console:

cd c:\meteorProjectDirectory
atom .


cd c:\meteorProjectDirectory
atom . --disable-gpu

The above command will launch the Atom editor with your project.

For Beginners:
» Take a look at the Meteor Guide
» Awesome Meteor by @Urigo
» The Meteor Tutorial
» Meteor for Beginners
» Meteor Tips
» Meteor Learning

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