charges for oplog now charges for oplog access ($4.50) on top of their starting price of $18 a month. These aren’t bank breaking numbers, but mlab is only $15 a month with no additional oplog charge.

The question though; is it worth it? If there is something better about’s system, I’m happy to pay a premium for it.

Kevin N.

*cough* $31 a month starting price, $18 from there, $4.50 for oplog *cough*

Geez, Compose is starting to get annoying and expensive as hell.

Thankfully Meteor is working on Apollo which, as far as I know, won’t be using oplog.

mlab is still comparatively cheaper. I just wonder if there is anything special about compose’s setup.

They handle scaling for you. You don’t have to change plans, switch to dedicated hosting, etc.

Compose takes care of all of it.

mlab doesn’t scale as easily or as well?

What I’m saying is Compose does it all. 100%.

MLab is on a plans basis.