db performance

I developed one app in meteor and deployed it. I am using mongodb but it seems like very slow.

My server configuration is ubuntu, 1GB RAM and 30GB SSD.

So I would like to know that is there really performance issue if we compare local db and remote db.

local db or remote db, What is the best recommendation?


Hi there,
I think you need to submit more information regarding your app.
Are you using Kadira to troubleshoot your publications? Often performance issues are related to slow publications/methods. Please try out Kadira and share your result.

Thanks for the reply.

I am not using Kadira.

For publication, I am using composite publish as my collections are dependent so.

Composite publications could get very slow.
Please try and use Kadira to troubleshoot your publications. It’s the best way that I know of.

Is your MongoDB a replica set supporting oplog? If not, Meteor will fall back to database polling for reactivity.

Thanks for the support, I will look for oplog in Thanks