hiking their prices

Ugh, I just found out that Compose will be raising their most affordable plan to $31/mo for up to the first GB, and $18/mo per GB after that. (currently the lowest rate is $18/mo)

This price change alone is enough to make me choose MongoLab.

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Can you provide a link/article to confirm this? Their site still says $18 and I haven’t received an email from them.

FWIW, There’s more to a hosting provider than just price. I don’t know if MongoLab has caught up but their admin options were way more sparse than Compose.

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If you look carefully at their MongoDB+ plan, it says this plan will replace the current MongoDB plan. And MongoDB+ starts at $31/mo. I confirmed this via a support ticket.

I talked with both these guys and non of them support WiredTiger.
Which is very sad.
(I hope once they added that, they can’t charge for the per GB usage since WT compress data and per 1GB physical disk size, we can have many GBs)

Are there any other good hosting options for Mongo?

If you were going to self host your own mongo for meteor, is there a really good guide to setting this up?

Now would be a good time for a launch of Galaxy w/ WiredTiger support :wink:

Pretty sure if $31 a month per GB stresses you then Galaxy won’t be in your price range. Just guessing :slight_smile:


Hey Guys,

I detest coming across as spammy, but since no one has mentioned ObjectRocket I thought I would – Pricing is comparable to Compose or sometimes even better and their support is killer!

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Is Galaxy going to be priced similarly to Heroku? Heroku is pretty pricey as is.

Heroku (and its owners, Salesforce) is a cash-grab. The company I’m doing work for right now uses Salesforce, and holy crap do they charge insane amounts of money for trivial things. Like over $10,000 for a sandbox. That just seems crazy to me.

This is pretty sucky. Just seen my bill almost double for August. Anyone have any reviews on MongoLab? Is it cheaper? Does it work as well as Compose?

How much of a headache is it to switch to self hosted MongoDB?

Just to update. Pricing didn’t go up for August. It was just my DB growing too big.

This is what support sent me about the new pricing:

The only planned pricing change is for MongoDB+ deployments, and the pricing on that is already solidified. It costs $31.00 to start a new deployment with 1GB included, and then $18 per GB after that. In essence, a new MongoDB deployment is only $13 more to start, but stays the same price no matter how many more GBs are added. A 100GB Elastic Deployment would cost $1800 and a 100GB MongoDB+ deployment would cost $1800 + $13.

This only applies to MongoDB+ hosting and not Elastic Deployments.

Elastic Deployment:

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Either there is lots of gouging going on or MongoDB, ElasticSearch, etc. are difficult to admin or their hosting automation tools are not that great or things are so complex that it literally cost hundreds of millions of dollars to develop such tools or perhaps there is quite a bit of truth in all of the above.

at that price it might be worth looking into MongoDB’s very own managed services. I have no experience with their services, however:

$39 / server* per month (or $379 / server* per year)

And for backups:
First 1GB per replica set free
and then $2.50 / GB / month
or $30 / GB / year prepaid

With MongoDB’s solution, it’ll do monitoring and automation. But you don’t get the maintenance and support for the deployment. For that, you’ve to pay separately.

With Compose, all those are covered.

I’d still like to find a MongoDB hosting provider that allows me to use WiredTiger. I’m using right now and am eager to switch to WiredTiger.

I’ve done it before. It’s hard to automate, and there’s really a lot of configuration.

And that just for a single instance. Don’t even get me started on sharding.

NodeChef’s database hosting provides the same capabilities as WiredTiger and more…

Wow, thanks – NodeChef looks very interesting.

To be fair, Compose now has WiredTiger.

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