Conflict when using angular from npm and atmosphere

If I do:

meteor create myapp cd myapp meteor npm install --save angular meteor add angularjs:angular

and in main.js add as first line

import angular from 'angular';

I get

WARNING: Tried to load angular more than once.

Now this might not be too surprising since angular packages from both npm and atmosphere are added, but I do not know how to circumvent this if I need an atmosphere package that depends on angularjs:angular and also want to to use angular from npm (for example when using angular-meteor). I am using Meteor Any suggestions ?

This is what works best for me:

meteor create myapp
meteor remove blaze-html-templates
meteor add angular-templates
meteor npm i --save angular angular-meteor

However, heads up: I don’t think you get the benefit of ng-annotate like this since you are using the ecmascript package to transpile your javascript. You might be able to do:

meteor remove ecmascript
meteor add modules pbastowski:angular-babel

to get ng-annotate back.

Thanks, thats kind of what I am doing also. My problem then is I want to install which uses angularjs:angular from atmosphere and then I am getting the problem described above.

Posted this to stackoverflow.