Confused about @import in scss in 1.2

I’m getting very confused about the new way @import works. For example, how would I use something like Susy?

Susy itself is composed of multiple imported files, i.e.:

@import "susy/settings";
@import "susy/validation";
@import "susy/grids";
@import "susy/box-sizing";

But importing these when using the fourseven:scss throws a “not found” package. This issue thread and the 1.2 release notes mention using curly braces in the path, as in @import "{}/file.import.less". And specifying absolute paths does seem to make the errors go away.

But does that mean I need to change every single import in Susy to make them absolute? That can’t be right?

(note that there is a packaged version of Susy, but it hasn’t been updated in a long while and is not compatible with 1.2)

I had to change all the imports to get things working with a copy of Bourbon I have in my project (not a package, just copied the *.scss files over).

Relative imports will be supported in the near future according to this comment.

Thanks, that’s exactly what I did as well. Hope to be able to switch it back soon!