Confusion on how to dig into embedded mongoDB data

Hey All,

I’m at one of those points where I feel like I;m really close to solving my problem, but I’m missing some crucial detail, so I’m coming here for help.

I have an array of values embedded into another array.

I can call the array using this command:
SuperStore.findOne({_id: sId},{sentList: 1}).sentList;

It returns 19 Array objects: [Object, Array[1],Array[1],Array[1],Array[1],Array[1],Array[1],…Array[1]]

Any Array after the [0] position looks something like this:

-1: Array[1]
        -someId: "12345667"
        -content: "blahblahblah"
        -createdAt: "Sat Feb 06 00:03:13 GM"

Next one looks like this:
    -2: Array[1]
            -someId: "789654123"
            -content: "derpderpderp"
            -createdAt: "Sat Feb 06 00:03:26 GM"

My problem is I’m trying to get the value of the ‘content’ entry. I can’t seem to figure out what the right syntax is to get to any instance of it. Eventually, I want to get all of them and throw them in an #each loop:

{{#each getInfo}}
<li> {{content}} </li>

How could I get this done?

Any help is appreciated greatly.