Connect a local app to db on mup-deployed host

I’m trying to start a local dev session of the app with the command

MONGO_URL=“mongodb://” meteor

I’ve tried multiple variations of the mongo_url all to no avail. Anyone got this working on your local dev environment?

FTR, RoboMongo configured to use SSH (with keys, no password) to log into and then using the docker container’s IP with port 27017 works… so I know we’re all good. I just can’t figure out how to get the MONGO_URL to duplicate those settings.

I use this

export MONGO_URL=“mongodb://(user):(password)@(hostname):27017/(databasename)?ssl=true”

But mine is not in a container. Its a straight unix box running 4.4 mongo db. It sounds like the container ip is either not reachable or the container host is not resolving or 27017 is blocked. Can you ping or its ip from the instance the meteor is executing in?

I use mup for deploys. On the deployment machine, I can connect locally using mongo mongodb://localhost/<dbName>. Running docker ps shows the mongodb container as only accepting local connections (