Connect meteor app to raspberry pi

Hello, I’m working on a meteor android app. I want to connect my app to a raspberry pi with http protocol.
I use DPP.connec(url) to be connected at the raspberry. The problem is that i don’t have the address (url). Have you any idea how i can get this url ?
In another app i use the callback bonjour to find it.

What is the DDP.connect returning? You should be able to just pass the url of the meteor app, though in development we use ngrok to expose a public tunnel to localhost so external services (i.e Raspberry Pi) can talk.

DDP.connect is great, I only whant to know the url of the raspberry(meteor side). But thanx for your answer.
Finally i use : mdns.createAdvertisement(mdns.tcp(‘http’), 4321); and var browser = mdns.createBrowser(mdns.tcp(‘http’));