Connect to meteor hosted mongo db from local debug instance


I just want to have the one test db that i can connect to when i’m debugging in localhost or testing in that the mongol meteor toy can also access.

Read about meteor.settings but couldn’t work out how to apply that to my scenario, thanks in advance.


Well, if a local MongoDB can work for you, then just install mongod and then run Meteor like this:

MONGO_URL=mongodb://localhost:27017/mydb meteor

If you need a publicly accessible MongoDB so you can also use it from then you probably have to set one up using either something like Digital Ocean or something hosted like the free tier from Adjust the MONGO_URL environment variable accordingly.
I never deploy to * and so I can’t, without looking up the docs, tell you how to set the MONGO_URL there, but it should be very straightforward, if it’s possible at all.


I read up about hosting at and they ignore the MONGO_URL setting so it seems I can’t host and access a public mongo db at meteor.
Thanks for the link to I’ll check both that and modulous out for meteor hosting.